Time Management as an Actor

We all know that as an actor, we are expected to be juggling tons of different things at once. Time Managment is a crucial skill to have an an actor. So here's my brief guide to how I do it.

Google Calendar/Timepage

You need a way of keeping track of all your events. Do you have an audition coming up? When is it? Where is it? This information all goes in your Google Calendar or in my case, an app called Timepage. Having an electronic record of all the places you need/want to be and when and where is a lifesaver. It provides a tiny guide on your phone that is not only helpful to you, but can be helpful for others when trying to schedule things out.

Google Calendar is also a great tool when it comes to calendar blocking, but we'll talk about that later.

Bullet Journal/ Lists

For calendar blocking, keeping track of lists, and a general guide to my life, I use the Bullet Journal Method. This can be replicated using google callendar, like I said, or just a notepad and a pen.

Any task I need to get done, I write down in my bullet journal. I then schedule out when I'll get said tasks done as the days go by. This sometimes means I have a huge running list, but also sometimes means I have a detailed weekly spread. It depends on how busy I am and how much I feel like I need to plan. I love the bullet journal method for its flexibility for this reason.

Like I said, this can be acheived any way you want. Here is a video all about calendar blocking in google calendar and here is the original bullet journal method video. But don't feel presured to adhere to any of these systems. If keeping to do lists on sticky notes works for you, I don't judge.


Like any other Type A person, I am a creature of habit. I love routines. I keep a morning routine, evening routine, and even a casting-checking routine. I also have a weekly reset routine, and a monthly reset routine. Lets break these down.

My morning an evening routines of course cover the things I try to do every day. This includes excersise, stretching, warming up vocally(or at least singing a little each day), reading, journaling, and several other things like brushing my teeth and such. These keep me on track with my goals and intentions, as well as make me feel good on a daily basis. I try to check casting networks about thrice a week.

My weekly reset routine consists of mostly housekeeping things like setting up the week in my bullet journal, getting laundry done and doing some self care. I also sit down and asses my progress when it comes to my goals.

Monthly, I simply set up in my bullet journal, asses my goals, and take a look at my tasks. Very simple, but effective. I aslo practice some self care during this time.

You dont have to set extensive routines like I have. But it is nice to at least have things you do on a weekly basis that keep you on track. Checking on auditions is a big one.

Time Tracker

I also like to keep a time tacker so I can see where my time actually goes. If you calendar block, you can clearly see it. But since I dont use calendar blocking, I use an app called Owaves. Not necessary, but nce to look at every once in a while.

Stay Organized

Above all, It is very important as an actor to stay organized, no matter what that means for you. You'll discover little systems to keep you together as you go along. A big thing for me is transit, especially living in New York City. I always take into account the fact that New York transit doesnt always do what you want it to. I try and be at least ten minutes early to everything and I plan accordingly. Sometimes I end up earlier than I want to be, but thats okay.

I hope you were able to find a few tips out of this blog post. Of course this is simply how I do things and doesnt have to be what you do at all. The important thing is that you find what works for you.

Stay Safe!

- Ems

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