Surviving Multiple Auditions in One Day

We've all been there. You've got multiple auditions in one day, you're overwhelmed, its quite a predicament. Here's my guide to survival on these days.

Stay Organized

This is important for any audition, but particularly with multiple auditions in one day it is imparitive. Staying organized can manifst itself in many different ways. It can be a spreadsheet with all your audition information, it can be a bullet journal spread, it can even be a big long list on a plain sheet of paper. Do whatever works for you. If sticky notes are your way of keeping organized, then so be it.

Be Prepared

Being prepared can mean several things. It can mean being prepared in the room, and it can mean being prepared out of the room. As for in the room, pick your audition material beforehand. You'll thank me later. Another thing to consider is to pick your outfit beforehand. Maybe brush up on a monologue of yours, even if they didn't ask for it in the breakdown. You never know what they might ask you for in the room.

What about out of the room? Be prepared to find ways to eat throughout your day. I know it sounds basic, but on a busy day, it's easy to forget. Pack snacks. Pack a lunch. Just make sure theyre not loud or smelly. Remember that audition studios are public spaces. Be prepared to talk to people. If you're introverted, this is no small feat. Don't be afriad to end a conversation when you need to. Your time in between auditions will be time youre spending working on material and getting in the zone.

Create a rehearsal schedule

This is more about before the auditions occur. It's important to make sure your audition material is the best it can possibly be. To make that happen, maybe create a schedule for yourself to rehearse and perfect audition material. It doesnt have to be some crazy eight-hour thing. It can simply be thirty minutes each day or maybe every other day. As long as you keep working, you'll be good.

I hope this was able to shed some light on the subject of multiple auditions in one day. I know it's exhausting, but the grind never stops as an actor. If you ever need to decompress, I've linked my post about self care for actors here. If you have any questions or comments, my inbox is always open.

Stay safe,

- Emma

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