Staying Motivated as an Actor

It's a bit redundant to say that the past year and some has been pretty crazy. With the pandemic and theatre being shut down, there's been alot going on while nothing has been going on. I(along with many others) have found it hard to stay motivated throughout this time. Ive collected a list of tips for staying motivated that have helped me and will hopefully help you as things begin to open up again.

Plan Your Day

I use a system called bullet journaling but any system will work. Planning your day can make you feel productive and good about yourself. It doesnt have to be a huge planned out thing. It can be as simple as a to do list. Creating some structure can mean the difference between feeling like you wasted the day and feeling like you've triumphed.

Get Up at a Reasonable Time

I struggle with this. If I have nowhere to be in the morning, I tend to sleep in and catch up on sleep. This isn't always the best way to go about. I find that if I get up at a reasonable time I feel more energized and fresh. Oversleeping is a big problem for me, but I'm working through it.


You've heard it before. Excercise makes you feel better. but it's really true. Even choosing to take a walk every day or do an ab routine will boost the endorphins in your body and make you feel so much better.

Gain Inspiration From Others

What are others doing to stay motivated? What projects have they picked up? This one can be dangerous. You have to keep in mind that what you see on social media is indeed a highlight reel. That being said, theres no reason to not gain insiration from what others are doing and trying.

Pick Up a Hobby

This works particularly well when the hobby has nothing to do with acting. Maybe try knitting or reading or hiking. It might become an outlet for you.

Hopefully I was able to help with your motivation. I know that I've been really struggling and I hope this helped you come up with some ideas. As always my inbox is open for any questions or comments you may have. Until next time!

Stay safe!

- Emma

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