Managing Anxiety at Auditions

We all experience it in some capacity. Audition anxiety is real. It can invade your audition process and create a never ending cycle of bad energy. Here are my ways to help manage your anxiety at auditions.

Be Prepared

The main way to eliminate anxiety is to know that you know what you're doing. What's the best way to achive this knowlege? Be prepared. Know your songs in your book. Have several monologues prepared just in case. Memorize your sides. Knowing that you are prepared for whatevr the audition might throw at you will eliminate a good portion of your ainxiety.

Audition as Much as You Can

Another way to eliminate ainxiety is to audition as much as you can. The more you do it, the less scary it gets. While every audition is different, you'll find that the more you do it, you'll get into a rythym and routine.

Have a Waiting Task

On a more practical level, when you're in the waiting room, things can get a little crazy. I like to go over my material once, maybe twice max, and then have a waiting task. This can be a book, a game on your phone, music, or even something crafty like knitting. The objective here is to keep your mind occupied so you can't worry about your upcoming audition. Just make sure you are still respecting the space. Your waiting task should be something you can contain to your spot, not something that could be invasive to others.

Identify What Helps and What Doesn't

Lastly, you should always be auditing your auditions. But specifically for managing your ainxiety, its important to identify what helps, what doesn't, what your triggers are, etc. Maybe you find out that you can't talk to people that much in the waiting room. Maybe you find out that you need to go over your material more or less than others. Its all about finding what works for you, not only as an actor and an artist, but as a regular person.

Hopefully I was able to provide some insight on the subject. Managing anxiety on an everyday basis can be pretty tough, and auditions might add on to it for some people. As always, my inbox is always open for any questions or comments you might have.

Stay Safe!

- Emma

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