Ideas for Your WildCard Video for College Auditions

College auditions are stressful and overwhelming for alot of people. A huge part of most programs' pre-screens are the dreaded WildCard video. "What am I supposed to do for that?" Let me break down a few options for you.

Do a special skill

Can you juggle? Can you do impressions? Dialects? What about a backflip? Whats on your resume as a special skill that you could show them? If it's weird, thats okay. The whole point of these videos is to get to know you a bit better. So by all means, pick something weird or unusual. Its a conversation starter at the very least.

Tell a story

What if special skills doesnt work for you? Then I'd advise telling a story. This is particularly helpful when you have footage or pictures to go along with it. Tell them how much youre into school spirit. Tell them about that one time something emabarassingly funny happened. Tell them about the time you got an injury. My advice here is to go with something positive. Funny stories always work.


Are you a dancer? Do you have something that you couldn't show off in the dance auditions? Do it as a WildCard! If you're a crazy tapper or you are en pointe, show them! These kinds of skills are added bonuses to the great performer you are. So why not show them?

Sing something you aren't right for

Are you a guy? Pick a girls song! Are you a girl? Pick a guy's song! This is an oppurtunity to have fun and do whatever you want. Pick something completely out of the box!

Show them something only you can do.

This one kind of goes along with the special skills. WildCards are an oppurtunity to show your unique self to the school. So don't show them something a million other people can do. Show them something only you can do. These schools aren't interested in you pretending to be what you think they want. They're interested in your most authentic self. So show them that.

I've given you a few ideas now, and maybe I've sparked a few ideas of your own. If you still need help deciding, my inbox is always open!

Stay safe,

- Emma

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