How to Survive As an Introverted Actor

As an actor, we are expected to be happy and social most of the time. Most people expect actors to be as extraverted as they come. Some are. But as an introvert myself, I know that sometimes it can be a little challenging. Here are four of my tips for staying sane and surviving as an introverted actor.

1) Find Time to Recharge

As an introvert, you know how important it is to recharge. It is imparitive that you find time to do this. Otherwise you will inevitably burn out. Recharging can be as simple as reading a book during your breaks or it can be an entire routine when you get home. It really depends on what works for you. Personally, I know that I like to get in bed early so that I have time to do whatever I want. If that means I'm reading my book into the wee hours of the morning then so be it.

2) Set Boundaries

This one can be difficult for some people, but that doesn't make it any less important. Boundaries are important for everyone, but particularly for introverts it can mean the difference between a relaxed atmosphere and a tense unsafe one. This can be very simple as well. Wearing headphones in a waiting room so you dont have to talk to anyone if you dont want to is a prime example. Another example is to not be afraid to end a conversation if need be. Esspecially during the audition process, you need to be your best and brightest. Having a long conversation with that one chatty girl about her cats might not help.

3) Find Ways to Conserve Your Energy

You need to find little ways to conserve your energy throughout the day. This applies to when you're on a contract and when you're auditioning. Something I thought of in regards to this point is a warm up. Maybe instead of doing a full group warm up with everyone in a cast, you want to do a more chill warm up by yourself. Another thought is perhaps you go home instead of going out to drinks with everyone. Dont get me wrong, going out for drinks can be fun, but if you're already a little drained, why not take a raincheck?

4) Pick Your Circle Carefully

Your circle of people is so important to your mental health. You must be able to be comfortable around these people as well as turn to these people for help if you need it. So choose your circle carefully. Maybe that same chatty girl(as much as we love her) might not be a good match for you if you know she drains you to no end. A good trick for this is to find people that are also introverts. They'll understand.

Of course, these are just a few of my thoughts based on my experiences. Everyone is different and requires different things from themselves and the people around them. As always, I am avalible for any questions you may have. My inbox is always open.

Stay safe!

- Emma

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