Holiday Gift Guide: Theatre Edition!

This holiday season might be a tough one. Broadway is still closed, so there goes your gift idea of tickets to a show. Theatre people are quite discouraged right now given the current state of the world and the theatre industry itself. This holiday season could be an excellent way to cheer up the theatre folk in your life. Here's my gift guide!

For the Singer First

  1. A Belt Box - Sometimes performers are put in a position where we need to warm up our voices or sing through a song, but we have to be quiet. This solves that problem. The Belt Box is a small dampener that goes over the mouth and nose for an easy and quiet warm up. Find it here.

  2. Singing Straws - When I was younger, I was taught to sing into straws to work on strengthening my breath support. This is a great gift for the singer in your life. Any set of straws will work, but here is the official set for singers.

  3. A Vocal Steamer - This is for when the voice gets tired, or for when your singer is sick. A steamer provides moisture to the sinuses and throat for more healthy singing. Find my favorite one here.

For the Dancer First

  1. Money towards dance shoes - Dance shoes are a huge expense, especially if you have a dancer on pointe. Providing a Capezio or Bloch gift card is a life saver for the dancer that may need some money help.

  2. Protective bags for dance shoes - You just bought them nice shoes, and you want them taken care of. Getting protective bags for dance shoes are a way to ensure that the shoes will last longer and stay safe. Here's a pack of 6.

  3. A Theraband - Thearabands provide resistance during stretches and exercises. They're a great way for your dancer to work harder. Here are my favorite ones.

  4. A Foam Roller - After a long day of training, a foam roller will help to roll out your dancers muscles. This helps with soreness, prevents injuries and feels good. Here is my favorite.

For the Actor First

  1. A Dramatists Play Service subscription - We are always on the hunt for new plays. With the Dramatist Play Service, you pay about $30 seasonally for 10 plays to be sent to their door. If you get a subscription for a year, that's 40 plays to read. Here is their website.

  2. A Samuel French "Gift Card" - Another play publishing company to consider if you don't want to go so big. You can give your actor money for Samuel French so they can pick out the plays they want. Here's their website.

  3. Money for Acting Classes - while there may not be in person classes going on right now there are virtual ones going on. Instead of trying to find classes for them, maybe give them money for classes instead.

General Suggestions

  1. A giant audition/dance class/rehearsal/show bag - Everyone needs a nice big bag for all of their audition and show goodies. If they haven't invested in a nice bag already, consider investing in one for them.

  2. A Scribd subscription - Scribd is an online database of hundreds of songs, plays, books and more. Often, it's a great way to find sheet music. Here's the website.

  3. A printers gift card - As actors, we are constantly having to print off resumes and headshots. Ask if your gift receiver uses Fedex, or UPS or any other printing service and consider getting a gift card.

  4. Lighting for self tapes - Self tapes are abundant throughout the acting community. To create a self tape, you either need a big window, or some lighting equipment. My favorites are a softbox or a ring light.

  5. A collapsible backdrop for self tapes - Similar to the lighting mentioned above, your actor may want to have a collapsable backdrop. I love mine.

  6. Go shopping for audition clothes - We are constantly on the search for audition clothes. Getting a gift card to their favorite store or being taken shopping could be a fun way to get some audition clothes.

  7. Books by famous actors - fairly self explanatory. My favorite is The Working Actor by David Dean

  8. Books on audition technique - Once again, very simple. My favorite is Rock the Audition by Sheri Sanders

Hopefully this was a helpful guide to buying gifts for your favorite theatre person this holiday season.

Until next time!

- Emma

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