Finding the Perfect Audition Songs

As actors, we are always on the hunt for new audition songs. Finding them can be a bit difficult sometimes, Heres my guide to finding the perfect audition song.

Rules of Thumb

1) An audition song should

1) Show your vocal range

2) Tell a story

2) Keep the stakes high. Your character should be fighting for their life.

3) When in doubt, go comedic.

Listen to shows.

Similar to finding monolougues, you must listen to shows in order to find audition songs. I have a list on my phone with a ton of different musicals I need to listen to. If I dont find a good song for me, I may find a new show to obsess over.

Here's How

- Spotify is your friend. Look around other people's playlists, and the for you page.

- Search by decade. Wikipedia has lists of shows by the decade. Perfect if you're on the hunt

for golden age songs.

- Look on IBDB. IBDB is a database of all the Broadway shows there have ever been. A

treasure trove for finding new shows.

I have many rep lists on the way to choose from as well. Hopefully this was able to give you at least a start on finding your audition songs. If youre still struggling, maybe consider hiring a rep coach like me.

Until next time!


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