All About EPAs and ECCs

When auditioning in new york, one of the main types of auditions you will go on is an EPA(Equity Princibal Audition) or an ECC(Equity Chorus Call). They're a little stressful and a little overwhelming. So here's my comprehensive guide to EPAs and ECCs.

A bit about them

EPAs and ECCs are required to be held every year by equity. They are for currently running Broadway shows or shows about to transfer to Broadway. It can either be a singing call or a dance call, depending on what the creative team is looking for.

The ranking system

There's a kind of a ranking stystem when it comes to EPAs and ECCs. As the titles would suggest, these auditions are meant for Equity members. This means that if you're an Equity member, you can make an appointment for the time you want to be seen at any point in the day either online or in person. The next level down are EMCs(Equity Membership Candidates). Instead of making appointments, EMC's put their names on a list to be seen. It's on a first come first serve basis. The next level down are Non-Equity folks. Similar to EMCs, they also put their names on a list, but EMCs take priority.

Often, EMCs and Non-Equity folks dont get seen at EPAs and ECCs. That being said, Its still worth going to. Every once in a while, the creative team will decide to see Non-Equity if they have time. This is what makes EPAs and ECCs worth it. You can potentially be in the room with the top crative teams in the buisness. The objective when it comes to these auditions isn't necissarily to get cast(although that would be fantastic), its mainly to get the creative teams to remember you when they start looking for people for various projects.

EPAs and ECCs can be brutal, but you have to go to at least a few to get the experience.

Survival Tips

When it comes to EPAs and ECCs there are a few tips for making it through. Fist of all, as always, be kind. You never know who you are in a room with. This means maybe dont talk badly about that show you saw last week. And of course be kind to the moniter(the person calling the names).

Second, when in doubt, ask. This applies to where lines are being formed, etc. If you're confused, don't suffer in silence. There's always someone that knows what's going on.

Third, be prepeared. This means you know every song in your book and are ready to sing it. This also means you might have a monologue ready to go if they ask for one. You never want to look unprepared at an audition. The best way to avoid this is to be prepared in the first place.

Hopefully this was helpful in learning what an EPA and and ECC is and how you should navigate it. As always, if you have any questions at all, my inbox is always open.

Stay safe!

- Emma

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