A Guide to Finding Monologues

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

Rules of Thumb

1) Keep your stakes high. Your character should be fighting for their life.

2) Read the room. Choose your monologue based on the breakdown.

3) Don't bring your own work. Enough said.

4) When in doubt, go comedic.

Read Plays

The unfortuanate truth about finding monologues that you just need to keep reading plays. I have created a list on my phone with all the different plays I want to read. Don't wanna buy plays? Libraries are your friend. Go to a performing arts library and pick out ten-ish plays to read based off of the character breakdowns.

Look at Other Actors' Rep

A great way to find the plays mentioned above is to look at an actor similar to you and see what they have done. You may find a few jems.


- WorldCat - A database specifically for libraries.

- The National New Play Network - pay $10 a year to gain access to new plays before anyone else

- PlayScripts.com - another database where you can read almost the entire play online

- Dramatist.com - another huge database, this time specifically through a publishing company

- Lists of awards and festivals

- The Kilroys

- The Outer Critics Circle Awards

- Drama Desk Awards

- Drama League Awards

- American Theatre Critics Association Awards

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