9 Essentials for Auditioning in New York City

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

When you're on the audition grind, you've got to have a few things with you. Some things are obvious, some things are a bit more niche. Here's my guide to what to keep in your bag for auditions

1) Your Audition Book

Obviously you need your audition book or rep book. This should be an aestheticly pleasing, organized binder with all your audition songs inside. It should be fully stocked and ready to go at all times. Not prepared to sing a song? Take it out of your book. Nothing is worse than being unprepared. This book should be with you wether it’s a singing call, dance call, or a callback. You never know if they'll ask you to sing. I have an entire blog post all about The Book coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

2) Resumes and Headshots

Once again, this one is pretty obvious. It's always a good idea to have resumes and headshots ready to go not only for the audition you're going in for, but also for any drop offs you may come across in the building. I keep mine in an expandable file folder for safe keeping. You may also want to keep a stapler or mini stapler in your bag as well. It’s good for you to have, and also for anyone else in the waiting room who needs one.

3) Dance Shoes

Everyone should keep jazz shoes, character shoes, and tap shoes in their bag at all times. If youre a ballet dancer, keep your pointe shoes in your bag. This is another instance where it is always good to be prepared. Best case senario, they ask you to dance and you're prepared and ready to go. Worst case senario, you carried shoes around for nothing. You should always have them on you no matter what.

4) Your Audition Journal

This can be an actual notebook, or a spreadsheet on your laptop or other device. An audition journal is a great way to keep track of who has seen your work, what is working for you and what isn't. You should have it with you so you can fill it out in the room. If you keep it at home, you might forget. I have a blog post all about the audition journal coming up as well.

5) A Water Bottle

We all know hydration is important not only for general heath, but for vocal health as well. It's important to have a decent sized reusable water bottle on you. Not only is it healthy, but it's also sustanable. You don't want to be constantly getting the plastic ones from the vending machines.

6) A Snack

You never know how long you'll be at an audition. It's nice to have a snack or two just in case. These should be something sustainable. Maybe an apple or a granola bar. There's not much else to say about snacks. They’re fairly self explanitory.

7) First Aid Kit

I dont think you should carry stitches with you. I do however think you should carry things like band aids, ibuprofen, and allergy meds just in case. You never know if you or a neighbor might need them.

8) A Makeup Bag

For those of us that wear makeup, a touch up bag is required. You'll need powder, maybe some concealer and a few lipsticks. I like to carry a nude and a red. Now you're all covered for any makeup emergency that shows up.

9) A Waiting Room Task

There is alot of waiting around to be done during auditions. You'll need a task not only to pass the time, but to help keep the audition jitters down. This can be a book, a podcast, music, kntting, anything. Just make sure you can still be present in the room so that you don't miss your name being called.

Lets talk bags for a second. You've got about two options. A massive tote bag or a backpack. I personally use a tote but a backpack works just as well.

I hope you've learned a few things about what you should have with you for auditions. Of course this is just my list and you can add and take away whatever you need to. I'd love to hear your additions!

Until next time

- Emma

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