5 Self-Tape Must-Haves You May Want to Invest In

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Self-tape auditions can be fun and easy, but without the right equipment, they can be pretty painful. Here is my list of things you may want to invest in to make your self-tape process as smooth as possible.

1) Good Camera

Nowadays, we all have a pretty decent camera in our pockets all the time. When it comes to self-tape auditions, a smartphone will typically do the trick. That being said, you may want to pick up a camera, especially if you plan on using it for other things besides self-tapes.

2) A Tripod

Nothing is worse than the crappy tripod that only works part of the time. I invested about twenty bucks into a good sturdy tripod from amazon, and it hasn’t failed me yet.


3) Lighting

If you're like me and you don't have a good window to film in front of, maybe you should invest in some lighting. I have a ring light, but a soft box works great too. You can spend anywhere from fifty to two hundred dollars on good lighting. It all depends on what you need and what your price range is. Here are my favorites.

Ring Light

Soft Box

4) Collapsable Backdrop

If you have a wall with no light switches or outlets that will work for a self-tape, then you don’t need a collapsable backdrop. I don’t have a wall big enough to film on, so I got one. It's great. I can film wherever I need to, whenever I need to. I've linked it below.


5) A Microphone

An iPhone mic works well for speaking, but for singing, its not so great. Quick changes in volume and intensity don't allow the microphone to catch up in time. Investing in a lapel mic will solve this problem for you. Here is my favorite.


If you dont have the money to spend right now, a wall, an iPhone, and a stack of books will do the trick. That being said, in a world of covid, self-tapes are the only way we can audition. You might want to consider investing in some of these items to increase the quality of your submissions.

Until next time!

- Emma

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