5 Instagram Tips for Actors

The way I look at it, Instagram is a free marketing platform that is perfect for actors. Often, I get questions about where to start on Instagram. "How do I use it to my advantage?" Here are my tips to get you there.

Make your username easy to find.

Your username can be something as simple as your name. If your name is taken, consider including your middle name or middle initial. You want your profile to be easy to find. Making your username simple can really help with this. If a casting director is looking for me, I'd much prefer them see @emmaimholz than @matrixpanda77.

Show off your skills

What are your special skills? Show them off! Can you kick your face? Do the splits? Do a backflip? Do you do dialects and impressions? Do you juggle? Post about it! Create a highlight to keep them all together on your profile!

Post footage of you doing what you love!

Of course you have to include footage of you acting. It can be a song, it can be a monologue, it can be footage from an old show, anything. Just as long as it makes you look good and is up to date.

Talk about other things besides acting

We all know you love acting. But what else are you into? Bullet Journaling? Health and fitness? Gardening? You can talk about anything you want to online! In fact, please do talk about an array of things! It makes you look like a real person!

Link your actors website in your bio

You can have several things linked in your bio with an app I use called Milkshake. But the most important thing to link is your actors website. Dont have one yet? That's okay. Start creating one. Casting directors and creative teams will start at your profile, and then will want to see a more proffesional collection of your footage and such. So go start creating!

Oviously, these are just my tips and opinions. When it comes to Instagram, everyone will tell you something different. I advise that you take everything(even my own opinions) with a grain of salt. As always, if you have any questions, my inbox is always open!

Stay safe!

- Emma

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