5 Instagram Content Ideas for Actors

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Ah, Instagram. Our favorite place to scroll, pass the time and laugh at memes. But as an actor, you need to use Instagram to its fullest capacity. Think of it this way. If a casting director was looking at your profile right now, would you be proud of what they saw? If the answer is no, I've got a few content ideas to get you started.

1) Show Photos

We all have them. We all love them. Show photos are the best. They are an excellent idea for instagram because the picture is already taken. All you have to do is come up with a cute caption and post away! Another perk is that they give you an oppurtunity to show what shows you’ve been in and the fact that you can book work. This looks great on an Instagram profile. You also get to show yourself doing what you love(which is the best content ever).

2) Behind the Scenes

Similar to show photos, these pictures provide a unique look behind the stage or camera. This idea is brilliant esspecially if you have non-actors or aspiring actors as followers. People get curious. This is another instance where I'm sure if you did a little digging, you could find a behind the scenes photo or two already taken. So once again, all you have to do is maybe do a bit of editing, come up with a caption and post!

3) Performance Videos

I can’t tell you the amount of self tapes I've converted into Instagram posts. Regular performances, too. These are an awesome way to showcase what you do without being too pushy. It's important that these videos are the good stuff and that they're current. You never know what casting director might be showing a collegue your videos. So why not make a little mini portfolio on Instagram?

4) Something Non-Theatre

We all know that you love theatre. But what else do you love? Are you really into fitness? How about video games? Or even gardening? All of these are great examples of what you can talk about online. Talking about something non-theatre shows that you're a real human being, and a well rounded one at that. Yes, we need that theatre content. But the occasional non-theatre post keeps it from being flat.

5) Tell a Story

This one is mostly caption-based, so it gives you an oppurtunity to post that selfie that has been sitting in your camera roll for a few weeks. People love hearing stories. It's the reason they go to theatre in the first place! Did something funny or touching happen to you today? Tell us the story! Remember to keep it light and fun though, no complainers on the internet(arent they the worst?).

So. There you have it. Just a few ideas to get you going. There of course are many different talking points and angles to work on Instagram, but hopefully these can get you started. As you build your brand online, you can decide what to talk about and how often.

Until next time!

- Emma

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