10 Sustainable Swaps for Actors

Over the past few years, I have begun to prioritize my sustainablity. As an actor, I've found a few things that are specific to our profession that can be changed. As always with sustainable swaps, you should always keep what you have and use it up before switching. Here are my sustainable swaps for actors.

1) Switch to more sustainable makeup brands

There is always going to be a lot of makeup involved in an actors life. Wether it be stage makeup, or just makeup for every day, it's a must have and quite an investment sometimes. I have found a few sustainable makeup brands that I love. My favorite is Elate Cosmetics.

2) Carry a re-usable water bottle

We all need water, we all don't drink enough water. Carrying a re-usable water bottle is great for the planet while also being an excellent reminder to stay hydrated. My current water bottle is linked here.

3) Use stainless steel straws

Straws have multiple functons as an actor. Of course, they're there for drinking your water or tea or smoothie. But you can also sing while they're in your mouth to warm up safely and "extend" your vocal chords. I get my straws from Amazon, but I've linked the official singing straws website here.

4) Use cloth napkins and handkerchiefs

It is my opinion that one should always carry around a hankerchief. You never know when you might need it. I bought a pack of ten here and they've never failed me.

5) Carry re-usable bags

When your an actor, you tend to be carrying a lot of stuff. When auditioning, you tend to be staying out of the house for hours at a time. This creates ample oppurtunity to buy things while youre out. This is why I always carry a re-usable bag. My favorites are linked here.

6) Thrift your audition wardrobe

I love thrifting. I thrift most of my clothes. Some of my best pieces came from thrift stores. My favorite spots in New York include Urban Jungle, Buffalo Exchange and L Train Vintage

7) When reading plays, use the library

As actors, we must be constantly reading plays. To keep that practice sustainable, I like to take advantage of libraries instead of buyng plays new to read.

8) Use a natural sustainable deodorant

Obviously you need deoderant. Not only as a regular person, but as an actor. In the theatre things get sweaty fast. I found myself going through deoderant like no other. Now I've switched to a sustainable brand called MYRO. Theyre a subscription service that send you refils every few months. I love them. There are many companies like this, but MYRO is my favorite.

9) Use re-usable cotton pads to take off makeup

Makeup wipes are convinient and simple to use. But unfortunatley they're very wasteful. My solution to this problem is to use re-usable cotton pads and micellar water to take my makeup off. I've linked my favorite cotton pads here.

10) Use a safety razor

If you choose to shave, regular razors can pile up in the landfills very quickly. Using a safetey razor alows you to re-use and re-use it over and over again. I've linked my favorite one here.

Of course, these are just my opinions and solutions to wasteful problems. As always, if you have any questions or coments, my inbox is always open! What are your favorite sustainable swaps?

Stay Safe!

- Emma

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