Get it Together: Instagram Edition

The program designed to help you do it yourself!

Need some Instagram help? This four week program helps you define your online brand, and use Instagram as a marketing tool for you as an actor. 

There are two options. You can opt in to the full four week program, or you can just sign up for one meeting at a time if you're a little unsure. 


Rep Coaching

Need a new audition song?

We can rebuild your Audition book together! I will pick out five brand new songs for you to put in your book based on your vocal type and personal references. 

Need help figuring out a cut? You can opt in to another appointment dedicate to giving you different cut options! 

College Audition Coaching

Need help with your college auditions? 

I can help! Together we can decide what to sing, what monologues to use, how to film a prescreen, and so much more. 

We hold hour-long sessions each week to check in and make sure you're on track. I am also made available to you on a daily basis. 

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